What is the Heart Tissue Bank?

The Heart Tissue Bank is a central biobank in which heart tissue of deceased donors is stored for scientific research. This heart tissue can be used to study how a healthy heart functions or what exactly goes wrong in various heart diseases. In this way, diseases can be diagnosed earlier and/or better and better treatments can be made possible. By registering as a donor with the Heart Tissue Bank, people give permission to have their hearts included in this biobank after death.

Support us for Cycle Paris

During the event ‘Cycle Paris’ organized by the Dutch Heart Foundation (26-30 May 2022) “Team Hartenbank” will cycle from The Hague to Paris to raise money for the Heart Tissue Bank. The (future) work of the Heart Tissue Bank would not be possible without financial support. Would you like to financially support “Team Hartenbank”? Hit the button below.

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