The Hartenbank is going to cycle along in the Utrecht Cycling Trilogy! This means that a team will cycle on May 20 (Giro d’Utrecht), July 2 (Tour d’Utrecht) and August 27 (Vuelta a Utrecht). Therefore, we want to raise money for the Hartenbank. We are looking for people who want to join the cycling team and people who want to sponsor us.

What is the Cycling Trilogy?

Utrecht is the only city in the world that hosted all three Grand Tours. In 2010 during the Giro, in 2015 during the Tour de France and in 2022 during the Vuelta. In the cycling trilogy, these rounds are repeated festively. Each round has its own Italian, French or Spanish vibe. More information about the cycling trilogy can be found at You can also register here.

I want to ride along, what should I do?

You can choose to cycle all three rounds, but you can also do one or two. In addition, you can choose a distance yourself: 70, 100 or 130 kilometers. For each round you have to register yourself separately via the website and via our own registration form. You can also set up a sponsorship campaign yourself via Geef. And you can create a so-called ‘Give action’.

I would like to donate an amount of money

How nice, thank you! In this case you can contact the Hartenbank via