The Netherlands Heart Institute is a collaboration of the cardiology departments of all eight university medical centres in the Netherlands (see website). The Heart Tissue Bank is part of the Netherlands Heart Institute.

Employees of the Netherlands Heart Tissue Bank

  • Wanda Hermans-Van Ast
  • Fleur Meijers
  • Erik van Iperen
  • Naomi Mac-Donald
  • Evelien van der Schaaf-de Wolf
  • Pieter Doevendans
  • Wouter Jukema
  • Eelco Soeteman
  • Michiel Henkens

Scientific Advisory Board

The Heart Tissue Bank is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board. It consists of:

  • Prof. dr. Peter van der Meer, cardioloog UMC Groningen
  • Prof. dr. Peter van Tintelen, klinisch geneticus UMC Utrecht
  • Prof. dr. Connie Bezzina, moleculair cardiogeneticus Amsterdam UMC
  • Prof. dr. Inge Huitinga, directeur Nederlandse Hersenbank
  • Prof. dr. Blanche Schroen, experimentele cardiologie Maastricht UMC

Expertise Centre for Postmortem Diagnostics Amsterdam UMC

For cardiac obductions and diagnostics, we work together with the Expertise Centre for Postmortem Diagnostics Amsterdam UMC.

The cardiac obduction protocol

The cardiac obduction protocol has been drawn up in collaboration with the national working group of cardiovascular pathologists.

Special thanks to:

  • The employees of the Netherlands Brain Bank
  • The Durrer Center for Cardiovascular Research, the biobank department of the Netherlands Heart Institute
  • The employees of the Amsterdam UMC Biobank, location AMC
  • All members of the control room and the reception of Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc
  • The Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance: The Heart Tissue Bank is part of the infrastructure working group within the Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance (DCVA).
  • All our financial supporters and collaborators.